Verandah Community Association


Verandah Community Association, Inc. (VCA) is the master association for the Verandah residential community.  All Verandah Homeowners, by virtue of buying a home and/or lot in Verandah, automatically become members of VCA.  VCA is responsible for maintaining the common property in Verandah and enforcing the provisions of the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions for Verandah, which are designed to maintain and enhance the character of the Verandah Community.

The Grounds Maintenance Department of the VCA is custodian of all the common property of the VCA.  As such, its staff performs or oversees the maintenance of landscape and hardscapes (entry features, walls, streetlights, signs, curbs, gutters, roads).  Maintenance costs attributed to Verandah common property are paid for by the assessment of homeowners of Verandah.