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Your Verandah

Where days are filled with moments to treasure.


At Verandah, you're surrounded by what you love - whether it's championship golf, the delights of River Village, or simply the great outdoors. It's a place that invites the discovery one day at a time. Find that favorite spot to sit back with a good book or relax with a bite to eat and a tall, cold drink. Take a long walk. Or stop, inhale the fragrant air, and admire the view. While your home has all the conveniences and luxuries of modern life, it's those simple pleasures that make being at Verandah so remarkable.

Please visit our Verandah Golf Club website at and like us on Facebook to view posts from past events, as well as future happenings at the club.


The owners of the Verandah Club, the Kolter Group, in an effort to ensure the financial stability of the club, have modified the Verandah Membership program. These modifications are aimed to position the club in a manner to grow with the community while adding value to existing and future homes in the development.