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Verandah Club Rental Program

The Verandah Club currently allows renters the ability to enjoy Club amenities during their time with us. This program has proven extremely beneficial in attracting new home owners and members to the Club. In an effort to continue this program, while ensuring our member’s access to their amenities, the following adjustments will be made to the renter program. These modifications will only apply to golf access for renters of a property that holds a “Club Membership”.  These privileges were extended under the ownership of the original developer but are not provided for in the Club’s existing Membership Plan.  Lessee privileges may be modified, denied, withdrawn or revoked at any time for reasons considered sufficient by the Club.

Effective for season 2021-2022

Transfer fee related to golf access will be $266.25 (tax included).
A renter wanting unlimited golf access during the seasonal months, designated as October – April, will pay directly to the Club a monthly Golf Upgrade Fee. 18-hole cart fee charged, 4 day advance tee time policy continues. Tee times are only available through Golf House. Chelsea access is not provided in this program. 

*The club reserves the right in its sole discretion to modify this program at any time in the future. 

Note: The Golf Transfer and Club Transfer programs will remain unchanged.
Golf Transfer – Available to renters of a property that holds a Golf Membership. Transfer fee remains $266.25(tax included).
Club Transfer - Available to renters of a property that holds a Club Membership.
Transfer fee remains $53.25 (tax included)

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