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Rules & Regulations

            These Rules and Regulations are established by the Club to protect the Club Facilities and to promote the health, safety, welfare and enjoyment of all persons using the Club Facilities. The Club may, in the Club’s sole discretion, amend these Rules and Regulations from time to time and without notice to the Members.
General Club Rules
1.                  All persons using the Club Facilities shall abide by all rules and regulations of the Club as they may be amended from time to time.
2.                  The Club Facilities shall be open on the days and during the hours as may be established by the Club. Areas of the Club may also be closed for scheduled maintenance and repairs as needed.
3.                  Performance by entertainers will be permitted on the Club Facilities only with the written permission of the Club.
4.                  Dining room activities for groups will be permitted only with the written permission of the Club.
5.                  Alcoholic beverages will not be served or sold, nor permitted to be consumed, at the Club in any manner prohibited by law. The Club reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to refuse service to any person for any reason whatsoever.
6.                  All food and beverages consumed on the Club Facilities must be furnished by the Club.
7.                  Employees of the Club are permitted to deliver food or beverages to locations away from the immediate area of the clubhouse or other designated areas of the Club only with the permission of the Club.
8.                  Commercial advertisements shall not be posted or circulated in the Club nor shall solicitations of any kind be made on the Club Facilities or upon the Club's stationery without the prior written approval of the Club. Other than as permitted in writing by the Club, no petition shall be originated, solicited, circulated or posted on Club property.
9.                  No one shall use the roster or list of members for solicitation, commercial or political purposes or distribute the roster or list to anyone other than a member.
10.              It is contrary to the Club's policy to have its facilities used for functions or fund raising efforts for the benefit of a political cause, except as specifically permitted by the Club. The Club Facilities shall not be used in connection with organized religious services or other activities except as may be approved by the Club.
11.              No one should request special personal services from employees of the Club or use of the Club's furnishings or equipment which are not ordinarily available for use by members.
12.             The use of cellular telephones and audible pagers/beepers, etc., is prohibited in the dining and meeting facilities of the Club. 
13.              Dogs or other pets (with the exception of those assisting persons with disabilities) are not permitted on the Club Facilities, except with the written permission of the Club. Where dogs are permitted on the Club Facilities, they must be on a leash at all times. Members, Designated Users and Corporate Designees are responsible for damage caused by an animal owned or controlled by any of them or their family members and/or guests.
14.              All complaints, criticisms or suggestions of any kind relating to any of the operations of the Club or its employees must be in writing, signed and addressed to the Club Manager.
15.              No one may abuse any of the Club's employees, verbally or otherwise. All service employees of the Club are under the supervision of the Club Manager and no one shall reprimand or discipline any employee, nor shall anyone request an employee to leave the Club Facilities for any reason. Any employee not rendering courteous and prompt service should be reported to Club Manager immediately.
16.             Self-parking is permitted in areas identified as such. Parking will not be allowed on grassed areas unless specified for a particular event. "No Parking," “Disabled Driver” and all other parking signs must be observed. Violators may be towed at the vehicle owner’s expense.
17.              Smoking is not permitted in any of the Club Facilities. 
18.              Absolutely no fireworks are permitted anywhere on the Club Property or adjacent areas unless part of a fireworks exhibit organized and conducted by the Club.
19.              Firearms and all other weapons of any kind are not permitted on Club Property at any time.
20.              Use of the Club Facilities may be restricted or reserved from time to time by the Club.
21.              Violation of any of these rules or conduct in a manner prejudicial to the best interests of the Club will subject the person in violation to disciplinary action by the Club in accordance with these Rules and Regulations.
22.              The personnel of the Club will have full authority to enforce these Rules and Regulations and any infractions will be reported to Club Manager.
23.              In no event shall the Club discriminate against any individual because of the individual's race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, handicap, marital status or any other legally prohibited classification.
24.              No one is allowed in the food and beverage service areas of the Club.
Membership Cards
1.                  Upon the Club’s approval of a Membership Agreement, the Club will issue a membership card to the member, Designated User or Corporate Designee, and the family members who are eligible for membership privileges. Membership cards will include the member's name, club account number and category of membership. Membership cards will only be issued upon payment of dues by the member. Membership cards will not be issued to children under the age of ten or over the age of twenty-three. Everyone must have their membership cards with them at all times while using the Club Facilities.
2.                A membership card may not be used by any person other than the person to whom it is issued. Membership cards are not transferable.
3.                 Membership cards, when issued, will be held for pick-up at the Membership Office.
           4.        In the event of a lost or stolen membership card, the member must notify the Club in writing immediately. The member's Club account will be canceled, and the Club will issue a new membership card and number. Until the Club receives written notification of membership card loss or theft, the member shall be responsible for all charges placed on said member’s account. A membership card replacement fee as determined by the Club may be charged for lost or stolen membership cards or in any situation where the Club account number is changed.
           5.       Each member may receive such automobile identification decals and other insignia as the Club may from time to time designate, and shall display such insignia as required by the Club.
Dues, Fees and Charges
1.                Club Dues will be billed on an annual, quarterly or monthlybasis, as determined by the Club, in the Club’s sole discretion.
2.                A member is entitled to creditand charge privileges at the Club, so long as his or her membership is in good standing. Cash payments may or may not be permitted as determined by the Club from time to time.
3.                All food, beverage, merchandise and services of the Club charged to the member's Club account will be billed monthly, and each member's Club account shall be due and payable upon receipt of the monthly statement. 
4.                Club accounts shall be deemed delinquent from the date first billed if payment is not received within thirty days after the date of the monthly statement. Past due bills will accrue a one and one-half percent service charge per month from the date of the monthly statement until paid in full. 
5.                In addition, if a member fails to pay any Club account within thirty days of when it is first billed, the Club shall have the right to suspend membership privileges at the Club at any time and until the delinquent account is paid in full. Members having past due bills shall, at the discretion of the Club, be charged a reinstatement fee, as determined by the Club from time to time, to reactivate an account once it is deemed delinquent. Continued delinquency for a period of ninety days from the date a Club account is first billed or repeated incidents of delinquency by a member may result in termination of membership in the Club. If payment in full, including reinstatement fees owed by a member, is received prior to the Club’s terminating such member’s membership, the member making payment shall be reinstated as a member in good standing.
6.               Corporate Designees shall be jointly and severally liable with the Corporate Golf Member and the other related Corporate Designees so designated by the Corporate Golf Member for all dues, fees and other charges and liabilities associated with the membership.
7.                 Designated Users shall be jointly and severally liable with the designating member for all dues, fees and other charges and liabilities associated with the membership.
8.                  If the Club account of any member is delinquent, the Club may at its option take whatever action it deems necessary to effect collection, including without limitation, suspension or termination of a membership and/or legal action. If the Club commences any legal action to collect any amount owed by any member or to enforce any other liability of any member to the Club, and if judgment is obtained by the Club, the member shall also be liable for all costs and expenses of such legal action, including reasonable attorneys' fees, and any fees in connection with appellate proceedings.
Mailing Addresses
1.                  Each member shall be responsible for filing with the Membership Office, in writing, preferably on a form provided by the Club, his or her primary e-mail address, or mailing address, but only if said member does not possess the means to receive mail in electronic form, where the member wishes all notices and invoices of the Club to be sent. A member shall be deemed to have received mailings from the Club three days after they have been sent to the address on file with the Club. In the absence of an address on file at the Membership Office, any Club mailing may, with the same effect described above, be addressed as the Club Manager may reasonably determine to be the most likely to cause its prompt delivery.
2.                  The Club must be notified in writing of any change of e-mail or mailing address. Failure to do so shall constitute a waiver of the right to receive Club notices, bulletins and any other communications, and a violation of these Rules and Regulations.
Membership Correspondence
            Complaints or suggestions concerning the management, service or operation of the Club should be in writing, signed by the member and addressed to the Club Manager. Errors in billing charges should be directed to the attention of the Administration Office at the Club.
Club Services and Activities
1.                  The Club provides a variety of sports, cultural, educational and recreational events in which all members are encouraged to participate.
2.                  The Club desires to encourage the use of the Club Facilities by members for private functions on any day or evening, provided it does not interfere with the normal operation of the Club, or with the services regularly available to members. In order to use the Club Facilities for a private function, Members are requested to make reservations with the appropriate Club personnel for available dates and arrangements.
3.                  Private functions are permitted at the Club only with prior written permission of the Club. The member sponsoring the function shall assume full responsibility for the conduct of guests and the removal of any decor. The member sponsoring the private function shall also be responsible for any damage to the Club Facilities and for the payment of any charges not paid by individuals attending the private function.
4.                  Special events and functions may be scheduled from time to time at the discretion of the Club.
5.                  No food and beverages are permitted by outside vendors unless previously approved, in writing, by the Club Manager.
Resignation of Membership
1.                  Resignation of a membership is governed by the Membership Plan.
2.                 Notwithstanding any resignation, the member, Designated User, and Corporate Designee, if any, shall remain liable for any amounts unpaid on the member's Club account.
Termination of Membership
            Membership is non-transferable. Memberships will be terminated upon the earlier of: (i) the member’s resignation, (ii) the transfer of the member’s property in the residential community of Verandah (if ownership of property in Verandah is a requirement for membership), or (iii) the death of the member. In the event of a member’s death, the treatment of the membership shall be governed under the terms of the Membership Plan. 
            1.         A member, Designated User or Corporate Designee may be terminated or suspended by the Club if, in the sole judgment of the Club, such person:
¨                  Submits false information on the Membership Agreement, Designated User status, Corporate Designee status, or for guest privileges;
¨                  Permits his or her membership card or account to be used by anyone other than the designated holder;
¨                   Exhibits unsatisfactory behavior, deportment, or appearance;
¨                  Fails to pay any amount owed to the Club in a proper and timely manner;
¨                   Fails to abide by the Rules and Regulations as set forth for use of the Club Facilities;
¨                  Treats the personnel or employees of the Club in an unreasonable or abusive manner; or
¨                  Engages in improper conduct unbecoming a member, or any conduct which tends to be against the best interest of the reasonable and fair operation of the Club, or other good and sufficient cause as determined by the Club. 
2.                  The Club may at any time, and from time to time, restrict or suspend, for cause or causes described in the preceding paragraph, any member, Designated User or Corporate Designee's rights to use any or all of the Club Facilities. During the restriction or suspension, dues and other charges shall continue to accrue and shall be paid in full prior to reinstatement.
3.                  Notwithstanding termination or suspension of membership, Designated User status or Corporate Designee status, the member, Designated User and Corporate Designee (as applicable) shall remain liable for any and all amounts owed to the Club. No person or entity will be relieved of any obligations to the Club, including without limitation, payment of dues (and minimums, if the Club is charging minimums at that time).
4.                  Any member, Designated User, Corporate Designee or other person who has had his or her membership or use privileges terminated for any reason shall not again be eligible for membership or use privileges nor admitted to use the Club Facilities under any circumstances, until approved to do so by the Club, in the Club’s sole discretion. However, a prospective member who fails to meet eligibility requirements is not precluded from reapplying.
1.                  Members, Designated Users and Corporate Designees are responsible for their own conduct and for the conduct of their family members and guests. Any member, Designated User or Corporate Designee whose conduct or whose family's or guest's conduct shall be deemed by the Club to be likely to endanger the welfare, safety, harmony or good reputation of the Club or its members or is determined to be otherwise improper, may be reprimanded, fined, suspended or expelled from the Club and may have all privileges associated with the membership suspended or terminated by the Club. The Club shall be the sole judge of what constitutes improper conduct.
2.                  Any member, Designated User or Corporate Designee accused of improper conduct shall be notified of the Club's proposed disciplinary action and shall be given an opportunity to be heard by the Club to show cause why he or she should not be disciplined. If such person desires to be heard, the Club shall set a time and date (not less than ten days thereafter) for a hearing. While such complaint is being considered by the Club, the person shall enjoy the privileges of the Club. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Club may, without notice and without a hearing, immediately suspend some or all privileges associated with a membership and/or, after notice, terminate a member, Designated User or Corporate Designee for failure to pay in a proper and timely manner dues, fees or any other amounts owed to the Club. The Club may, without notice and without a hearing, instruct any person to leave the premises at any time for any reason.
3.                  The Club may restrict or suspend some or all of any person's Club privileges.  No member may on account of any restriction or suspension be entitled to any refund of any membership fee, dues or any other charges. During the restriction or suspension, dues and other charges shall continue to accrue and shall be paid in full prior to reinstatement as a member in good standing.
4.                  Any membership which has been terminated hereunder shall be treated as a resigned membership.
Loss or Destruction of Property or Instances of Personal Injury
1.                  Each member as a condition of membership, each Designated User and each Corporate Designee as a condition of granting such status, and each family member, guest or other person, as a condition of invitation to the Club Facilities assumes sole responsibility for his or her property. The Club shall not be responsible for any loss or damage to any personal property used or stored on the Club Facilities, whether in lockers or elsewhere. Any such personal property which may have been left in or on the Club Facilities for six months or more without payment of storage thereon may be sold by the Club, with or without notice, at a public or private sale, or may be otherwise disposed of, and the proceeds, if any, may be retained by the Club.
2.                  No person shall remove from the room in which it is placed or from the Club's premises any property or furniture belonging to the Club without prior written authorization. Every member of the Club shall be liable for any property damage caused by the member, Designated User, Corporate Designee, any guest or any family member. The cost of such damage shall be charged to the responsible member's Club account.
3.                  Any person who, in any manner, makes use of or accepts the use of any apparatus, appliance, facility, privilege or service whatsoever owned, leased or operated by the Club, including without limitation, the use of golf carts, or who engages in any contest, game, function, exercise, competition or other activity operated, organized, arranged or sponsored by the Club, either on or off the Club's premises, shall do so at his or her own risk. Each such person shall hold the Club, Verandah Development LLC (”Club Owner”), Club Operator, and Hampton Golf, Inc. (“Club Manager”), and each of their affiliates, successors, assigns, and their respective shareholders/members (as applicable), partners, directors, officers, employees, representatives, agents and members of the Club's Advisory Boardor other committees (collectively, the "Indemnified Parties") harmless from any and all loss, cost, claim, injury, damage or liability sustained or incurred by him or her, resulting therefrom or arising out of or incident to membership in the Club and/or from any act or omission of any of the Indemnified Parties. All members shall have, owe and perform the same obligation to the Indemnified Parties hereunder in respect to any such loss, cost, claim, injury, damage or liability sustained or incurred by any Designated User, Corporate Designee, guest or family member.
4.                  Should any party bound by these Rules and Regulations bring suit against any of the Indemnified Parties in connection with any event operated, organized, arranged or sponsored by the Club or on any other claim or matter in connection with membership in the Club, and fail to obtain judgment therein against any one or more of the Indemnified Parties, said party shall be liable to the prevailing Indemnified Parties for all costs and expenses incurred by them in the defense of such suit, including court costs and attorneys' fees and expenses through all appellate proceedings.
Reservations and Cancellations
1.                  Dinner reservations may be required as determined by the Club. Members are asked to assist in maintaining required service levels by making reservations for dining prior to 5:00 p.m. on the day involved. Reservations for parties of more than ten persons will be accommodated on an "as available" basis. A twenty-four hour notice is requested for parties of more than ten persons and a set menu should be arranged whenever possible. The courtesy of providing notice of necessary changes or cancellations is requested no later than 3:00 p.m. on the day involved. Reservations that are not cancelled are subject to a “no-show” charge. Reservations for dining will be held for only fifteen minutes after the reserved time. Please note that all reservations will be seated promptly according to their confirmed reservation time to ensure proper service.
2.                  Reservations are required for most activities at the Club and shall be accepted on a “first-come, first-served” basis by pre-registering with the appropriate personnel of the Club.
3.                  For all functions of the Club held in the dining rooms of the Club, tables will be assigned on a “first-call, first-choice” basis. Reservations for special tables will not be accepted.
4.                  No member or committee shall plan or set dates for dining room activities without prior written approval of the Club.
5.                  Cancellation of reservations without timely notice may result in the member being charged a cancellation fee.
6.                  Club Manager reserves the right to change or modify the hours of operation of the dining facilities and reservation policies as well as other services provided at the Club as may be determined from time to time.
7.                  To cancel a reservation for a special event at the Club (for example, New Year’s Eve, Thanksgiving, Wine Dinners, Easter, etc.), please notify the Club at least two days prior to the event. Cancellations after this deadline can only be accepted without a cancellation charge if there is a waiting list from which the Club can fill the cancelled reservation; if there is no waiting list, the member's Club account will be charged a cancellation charge.
8.                  Private banquet events must be cancelled two weeks prior to the scheduled date. An amount equal to 20% of the total amount of the banquet will be charged to the member's Club account if the cancellation is within the two-week period prior to the scheduled banquet.
Gratuities, Surcharges and Holiday Fund
1.         For the convenience of all members, a gratuity percentage, as determined from time to time by the Club, may be added to all food and beverage sales. A member, Designated User, Corporate Designee or other person with charging privileges may increase or decrease the gratuity percentage by signing the ticket invoice and changing the amount of the gratuity as they deem appropriate.
2.                  An alcoholic surcharge is rendered by the State of Florida on all alcoholic beverages served. This tax varies by several factors, including the type of alcohol, and the amount, in ounces, served in each drink. This appears as a single line item on all receipts and is reported to the State of Florida monthly. 
3.                  Cash tipping is permitted only in the locker rooms and for outside golf services.
4.                  It is customary for the Club to send a letter providing an opportunity for members to contribute to a Holiday Fund for all employees of the Club. Payment of such contribution will be voluntary and will be included on the contributing member's monthly bill. This Holiday Fund provides the members with an opportunity to show their appreciation to employees of the Club during the holiday season. Club Manager shall be responsible for the distribution of these funds in a fair and equitable manner.
1.                  Children under ten (10) years of age are not allowed at the Club Facilities unless accompanied and supervised by an adult.
2.                  Children under the lawful drinking age in the State of Florida are not permitted in any lounge unless accompanied and supervised by an adult.
3.                  Children under eighteen (18) years of age are not allowed to use the Club Facilities after 10:00 p.m. unless accompanied and supervised by an adult.
4.                  Members, Designated Users and Corporate Designees are responsible for the conduct and safety of their children when enjoying the Club Facilities.
1.                  It is expected that Club patrons will choose to dress in a fashion befitting the surroundings and atmosphere provided in the setting of the Club. It is also expected that guests be advised in advance of the dress requirements. The Club may publish dress requirements from time to time.
2.                  Gentlemen and ladies are requested to dress in a fashion compatible with the appropriate occasion.
3.                  Men are required to remove their hats in the lounge and dining room areas.
4.                  Denim and/or jeans of any type are not allowed in the Club Facilities.
5.                  Golf & Tennis attire are appropriate for the dining room during lunch hours.
6.                  The Club may require jackets for the men for evening dining and special events.
7.                  Shirts and shoes must be worn at all times when on Club Facilities.
8.                  Spikeless shoes or shoes with non-metal spikes are the only type of golf shoes allowed at the Club. Golf shoes with metal spikes are not permitted at the Club Facilities.
Guest Privileges
1.               Guest privileges may be extended under the rules established by the Club from time to time. Although it is the intention of the Club to accommodate guests without inconvenience to the members, the Club reserves the right to limit the number of guests that accompany or are sponsored by a member on any given day and the number of times a particular guest may use the Club Facilities during a membership year. From time to time, the Club shall establish daily guest fees, guest charges and additional rules and regulations for use of the Club Facilities by guests. Guest privileges may be denied, withdrawn or revoked at any time for reasons considered sufficient by the Club, in its sole and absolute discretion.
2.                  All guests must be accompanied by the sponsoring member while using the Club Facilities unless the Club determines otherwise. An individual using the Club Facilities as a guest must be registered by the sponsoring member with the Club. The Club reserves the right to require identification by each guest. Guests will be charged guest fees for use of the Club Facilities as determined from time to time by the Club.
3.                  Guests will be entitled to use the Club Facilities only in accordance with the privileges of the membership of the sponsoring member upon payment of daily guest fees.
4.                  Guest charges for any services will be charged against the sponsoring member's Club account. Cash payments are not permitted.
5.                  Guest privileges may be limited by the Club, from time to time, in the sole and absolute discretion of the Club. Notice of such limitation will be given by the Club.
6.                  The sponsoring member is also responsible for the conduct of a guest while at the Club. If the manner, deportment or appearance of any guest is deemed to be unsatisfactory, the sponsoring member shall, at the request of the Club, cause such guest to immediately leave the premises of the Club.
General Golf Rules
1.                  The Rules of Golf as adopted by the United States Golf Association (“USGA”) together with the Rules of Etiquette as adopted by the USGA shall be the rules of the Club, except when modified by local rules or with any of the rules herein.
2.                  "Cutting-in" is not permitted at any time. All players must check in with the Golf Shop. Under no circumstances are players permitted to start play from residences.
3.                  Practice is not allowed on the golf course. The practice facilities should be used for all practice.
4.                  Speed of play will be strictly enforced. All groups are required to keep pace with the groups in front of them. If a foursome or other groups of players fail to keep their place on the course and fall behind the preceding group by more than one hole, the group must allow the following group to play through. The same should be followed when you stop to search for a lost ball. No more than five minutes should be used to search for lost balls.
5.                  All players who stop after playing nine holes for any reason must occupy the next tee before the following players arrive at the tee or they shall lose their position on the golf course and must get permission from the starter to resume play.
6.                  All tournament play must be approved in advance by the Club’s Director of Golf.
7.                  Enter and leave bunkers at the nearest level point to the green and smooth sand over with a rake prior to and upon leaving.
8.                  Repair all ball marks on the green.
9.                  Place sand in all divots level to the ground.
10.              “Ball hawking” is not allowed on the course at any time.
11.              The Club’s Course Ranger has full authority on the golf course to enforce all of the Rules of Golf, including speed of play. If a player is repeatedly warned for slow play, the Club may take such action as it deems appropriate, including without limitation, restricting the person's use of the golf course during certain times of day.
12.              Each player must have his or her own set of golf clubs and accompanying golf bag.
13.              Proper golf attire is required for all players. A description of “proper attire” shall be posted prominently in the men's and woman's locker rooms from time to time. Members are expected to insure that their family members and guests adhere to such rules.
14.              If play is suspended by the Golf Shop, all players must seek shelter or leave the golf course. If lightning is in the area, all play shall cease.
15.              Jogging, bicycling, fishing or recreational walking is not permitted on the golf course at any time.
16.              No beverage coolers are permitted on the golf course unless provided by the Club.
17.              Twosomes may play at the discretion of the Golf Shop. Twosomes should not expect to play through foursomes and should not exert any pressure on the groups ahead. Foursomes shall have the right of way.
18.              Twosomes and singles shall be grouped with other players, if available, at the discretion of the Golf Shop.
19.              Singles shall have no priority on the golf course and shall be permitted to play only at the discretion of the Golf Shop. Singles should not expect to play through other groups and should not exert any pressure on the groups ahead.
20.              Groups of five or more players shall only be permitted on the golf course with the permission of the Golf Shop.
Hours of Operation
1.                  Golf operation hours including the practice range will be established by the Director of Golf and the General Manager based upon the demand and the time of year. The hours will be publicized by being printed in the newsletter and posted on the Golf Shop bulletin board.
2.                  On Christmas Day, the Pro Shop, cart storage building and locker rooms will be closed.
3.                  The Club’s General Manager, Director of Golf and Golf Course Superintendent have the authority to decide when the course is fit for play and to decide on the appropriate use of carts. When the course has been closed, it can only be reopened by one of the above referenced individuals. Once play has begun, only the Director of Golf has the authority to suspend or cancel play.
Guest Policies
1.                  Members are responsible for informing their guests of all Club policies, including the Rules and Regulations. Any charges of guests will be charged to the member’s Club account.
2.                  The Club reserves the right to modify guest policies, as it deems appropriate from time to time.
Club Storage and Care
           Additional storage and care of equipment are available at an annual fee, as determined by the Club from time to time. Storage and care are at the member’s risk and sole responsibility.
1.                  All golfers must register in the Golf Shopbefore beginning play and all members, Corporate Designees and Designated Users shall present their membership cards at registration.
Practice Range
1.                  The practice range is open during normal golf operating hours. The practice range may be closed for general maintenance at the Club's discretion.
2.                  Range balls are for use on the practice range and may not be used on the golf course.
3.                  Balls must be hit from designated areas. No hitting is permitted from the rough or sides of the practice range. 
4.                  Proper golf attire is required at all times on the practice range.
5.                  Handbag ball shaggers are not permitted.
6.                  Lessons by unauthorized professionals are prohibited.
            1.         Lockers will be available for rent at the Club Facilities for a fee, as determined by the Club from time to time. 
Golf Shop Policies
1.                  Please ask the Golf Shop Staff for daily sales information.
2.                  Returns for credit must be accompanied by a receipt. A member’s account may be credited or a merchandise exchange may take place.
3.                  Merchandise credit may only be spent on merchandise from the Golf Shop. 
Rain Check Policy
            When rains prevail and cause termination of play:
1.                  A rain check for that day’s appropriate fees may be granted, as determined from time to time by the Club.
2.                  Rain checks will only be issued on that day of play and it will be the sole responsibility of the player to apply for a rain check from the Golf Shop.
Golf Attire
Proper golf attire is required for all golfers and non-golfers present at the golf facilities. A description of "proper attire" shall be posted prominently in the locker rooms from time to time.The posted dress code is mandatory for all. Improperly dressed golfers will be asked to change before playing. If you are in doubt concerning your attire, please check with the Golf Shop before starting play.
General Golf Cart Rules
1.                  The use of golf carts is mandatory when posted.
2.                  Golf carts shall not be used on the Club Facilities without proper assignment and registration in the Golf Shop.
3.                  Golf carts may only be used on the golf course when the course is open for play.
4.                  Each operator of a golf cart must be at least sixteen (16) years of age and have a valid automobile driver's license.
5.                  Only two persons and two sets of golf clubs are permitted per golf cart.
6.                  Pull carts are not permitted.
7.                  Obey all golf cart traffic signs.  Golf carts should not be driven on the roads and do not have the right of way on roadways.
8.                  Always use golf cart paths where provided. Only approved golf course vehicles will be allowed on the cart paths. No walking, bicycles, mopeds, etc.
9.                  Be careful to avoid soft areas on fairways, especially after rains. Use roughs whenever possible.
10.              Never drive a golf cart through a hazard.
11.              Operation of a golf cart is at the risk of the operator. Cost of repair to a golf cart which is damaged by a member, Designated User, Corporate Designee or a family member shall be charged to the member, or in the case of damage by a guest of a member, to the sponsoring member. Each member shall be held fully responsible for any and all damages, including damages to the golf cart, that are caused by the misuse of the golf cart by the member, Designated User, Corporate Designee, or their family members or guests and shall reimburse the Club and/or any operator of the Club for any and all damages the Club may sustain by reason of misuse.
12.              Golf carts are not permitted on any tee area. Parking of golf carts is allowed in designated areas only.
13.              Do not drive golf cart off cart paths at tees or greens.  Keep carts on paths at green and tee complexes at all times.
14.              Each member accepts and assumes all responsibility for liability connected with operation of the golf cart under his or her membership. The member also expressly indemnifies and agrees to hold harmless the Indemnified Parties from any and all damages, whether direct or consequential, arising from or related to the member, Designated User, Corporate Designee, or their family members' or guests' use and operation of the golf cart.
15.              “Course closed" or "hole closed" signs are to be adhered to without exception.
16.              Cart directional and usage signage is to be adhered to without exception.
17.              Violations of the golf cart rules may result in loss of golf cart privileges and/or playing privileges.
1.                  Handicaps are computed under the supervision of the Golf Shop in accordance with the current USGA Handicap System.
2.                  All members, Designated Users, Corporate Designees and their family members and guests with a USGA approved handicap may participate in Club events as applicable. All handicaps submitted may be reviewed by the Golf Shop.
3.                  Golfers are responsible for turning in all their scores on a daily basis. Any person failing to turn in a score shall result in a score being posted that is equal to his or her lowest score on record. The Golf Shop shall assist any golfers needing help with the posting procedures.
4.                  Accurate records are to be kept of scores turned in and recorded for all full rounds played. The Golf Shop shall determine if there are violations in turning in scores.
Golf Course Etiquette
            Persons using the golf course should do their part to make a round of golf a pleasant experience for everyone at the Club. It is expected that all players understand the importance of the pace of play and the duty the Golf Staff has to enforce these rules. Cooperation with the Golf Staff is appreciated and expected. Here are some suggestions:
1.                  Do not waste time. Anticipate the club or clubs you may need, and go directly to your ball. Drop off the rider from your golf cart with a few clubs at their ball and drive to your ball. Meet up after you both have hit your shots. Always be near your ball to play promptly when it is your turn. If a player is delayed in making his shot, it would be courteous for such player to indicate to another player to play which should not be deemed playing out of turn.
2.                  Keep up with the group ahead of you. Focus on the group ahead instead of the group behind.
3.                  The time required to "hole out" on and around the green is a chief cause of slow play. Study and clear the line of your putt while others are doing the same. Be ready to putt when it is your turn.
4.                  Be sociable, but reserve your extended conversations for after your round of golf.
5.                  When approaching a green, park your golf cart on the cart path on the best direct line to the next tee, in order to save significant time. Never leave the golf cart in front of the green where you will have to go back and get it while the following players wait for you to move on.
6.                  Carefully rake bunkers after use.
7.                  Fill all divots with soil mix provided on each golf cart.
8.                  When play of a hole is completed, leave the green promptly and proceed to the next tee without delay. Record the scoring for the completed hole while the others in your group are playing from the next tee.
9.                  If you are not holding your place on the course (see General Golf Rules), allow the players behind you to play through. Do the same if you stop to search for a lost ball.
10.              The Course Rangers will report slow play and all breaches of golf etiquette to the Golf Shop, which will take appropriate action.
Alligators, Snakes and Other Wildlife
            As you may be aware, in Southwest Florida, alligators, snakes (in particular water moccasins) and other reptiles are a part of the natural environment. As such, golfers may encounter native wildlife while on the golf course, particularly near water. Golfers should:
1.                  Be alert to the presence of wildlife on and adjacent to the golf courses, cart paths and natural areas.
2.                  NEVER approach an alligator or snake in the attempt to retrieve your golf ball. Keep a safe distance between you and the alligator, snake, or other animals such as deer, boar, and bobcats for your safety. Do not try to make the animal move off the golf course yourself!
3.                  During mating season, animals may be especially aggressive. It is better to skip a hole than to risk serious injury or worse.
4.                  Please notify one of the Course Rangers or Golf Staff personnel of the presence of animals or reptiles if they are situated on the golf courses or cart path and/or are acting in a threatening manner.
5.                  Each person is ultimately responsible for his or her own safety and should take all necessary measures to protect themselves. Any person who in any manner, makes use of or accepts the use of any apparatus, appliance, facility, privilege, or service whatsoever owned, leased, or operated by the Club, or who engages in any contest, game, function, exercise, competition, or other activity operated, organized, arranged, or sponsored by the Club, either on or off the Club Property, shall do so at his or her own risk, and shall release and hold the Indemnified Parties harmless from any and all loss, cost, claim, injury, damage or liability sustained or incurred by him or her, resulting from encounters with alligators, snakes and/or other native wildlife while on Club Property.