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Bicycle Safety Update

We are now at our busiest time of year when our population increases, and activities are in full swing. It is the time of year when safety considerations need to be top of mind. 

  • Within Verandah, bicycles are allowed on all pathways and streets but not on any golf cart paths within the golf course.
  • Bicycles are very quiet, so please always announce your approach. Ring your bell or simply call out "On your left / right!" to avoid startling those you are approaching and possibly causing a collision.

Included below for your reference is the Florida statute governing bicycles.  Key elements to know:

  • Those under 16 must wear a helmet.
  • You must ride with traffic on the right side of the road single file.
  • Earbuds or other impediments to hearing are not permitted at any time.
  • Bicycles in the street are subject to the same rules as a vehicle.
    • If bicycling on the road, you must obey all street signs, such as stop signs and traffic signals.
    • Must hand signal intent to stop or turn.
    • Must yield to pedestrians in crosswalks .

 Following the law, as well as these common-sense rules of the road will provide a safer environment for all. 
Thanks for your cooperation!