Kayak Reservations

Reserve Y‚Äčour Kayak Up To One Week In Advance by calling (239) 694-3950.

Kayak Policies & Procedures

  • 2-HOUR LIMIT in season is set in order to accomodate all kayakers. Please be on time for your reservation and return kayaks at the end of your 2-hour time slot.
  • Do not drag kayaks.
  • RETURN 01 HOUR before closing or sunset.
  • Each kayaker must have a RELEASE WAIVER on file. This information will be verified upon your arrical at the Fitness Center.
  • By law, each kayaker must wear a LIFE PRESERVER the boat.
  • BE CAREFUL getting in and out of the kayak; usually this is when injuries occur.
  • WEAR SUNSCREEN and protective clothing on a party cloudy day.
  • ZIPLOCK BAGS will keep cell phone and valuables dry.

Now That You're Out There

<ul> <li>DO NOT feed the alligators ($500.00), birds, turtles, otters, or manatees.</li> <li>Please be aware that at times the river current may be stronger, and the wind direction and velocity may affect your return time.</li> <li>ORANGE RIVER ROUTES:</li> <ul> <li>From beach area: Right - Manatee Park and Caloosahatchee River.</li> <li>From beach area: Left - To Lehigh Area - river narrows</li> </ul> </ul>

Upon Your Return

<ul> <li>Wash down your kayak with hoses provided.</li> <li>Empty any water inside the kayak.</li> <li>Return kayak to the rack with the coordinating number.</li> <li>Life vests and paddles are to be rinsed and returned to the Fitness Center.</li> </ul>