Verandah Advisory Committee

The Verandah Advisory Committee was formed in March, 2010. Where neighborhood associations exist, the President of such association is appointed the Advisory Committee Member. Where no neighborhood association exists, the Advisory Committee member will be the representative elected by the residents of such neighborhood or appointed by the board.  The Committee was formed for the purpose to recommend policies and procedures to the Board of Directors, but are not authorized to carry out such policies or take action on behalf of the Association. Click to view "Resolution to Form an Advisory Committee".

COMMITTEE MEMBERS (Neighborhood Representatives)

Amblewind Cove James Leckie
Arlington Oaks Don Shamey
Bramble Cove Craig Grayson
Brantley Oaks N/A  
Cedar Hammock Alan Feld
Citrus Creek Sandi Pearl
Cottonwood Bend Ken Hilgers
Cypress Marsh Robert Burke
Edgewater Trace N/A N/A
Fairway Cove Bill Zisa
Hammock Creek Jodi Crawford
Heritage Preserve N/A N/A
Idlewild Sharon Russo
Lakeview Lori St. Lawrence lstlawrence@trcinteractive,com
Magnolia N/A N/A
Mossy Oak Mary Basile
Oak Bend Ken Krach
Orange Tree Bend Luba Grossman
Otterbend Arlene Adoff
Palmetto Grove Mark Brasher
Pebblebrook Russ Harrison
River Point Steve Seidl
Royal Palm N/A N/A
Sabal Point Linda Lach
Sanctuary Point Stephanie Levin
Shadetree Point Ken Krach
Shady Bend Norm Toback
Torrey Pines Debbie Garcia
Whispering Oaks Alyce Woods
Willow Bend Susan Shields
Willow Ridge Scott Krupp
Winding River Julie Beck
Woodhaven Trisha Moore