Community Development Districts

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Carlson Alice - AJC Associates, Inc.
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Within the boundaries of Verandah are two Community Development Districts ("CDD's").  The Verandah West CDD includes the western half of the community, and the Verandah East CDD has been established for the eastern area. Created by Chapter 190 of the Florida Statutes and established by County ordinance, a Community Development District is an independent unit of special purposegovernment whose sole purpose is to plan, finance, construct, operate and maintain the infrastructure for the benefit of that community. CDDs have been used for 22 years in the State of Florida to manage the provision of infrastructure and related financing for community developments.

The infrastructure costs of the CDD's are financed through the issuance of low interest 20 or 30 year special assessment revenue bonds. The debt service from these bonds makes up the capital portion of each landowner's annual assessment from the district. Operational and maintenance assessments fund the annual cost of providing services to the property within the District.  Both the capital and operational and maintenance expenses are collected as one assessment by the Tax Collector of Lee County on behalf of Verandah's CDD's and appear on each owner's annual ad valorem tax bill as a non-ad valorem line item. Landowners can only be assessed for the fees applicable to the District in which they own property.

The independent, professional management of Verandah's CDD's makes it possible for the residents to have an excellent quality of life from the community's beginning to long past sellout.  Residents enjoy enhanced and protected wetland preserves, storm water flood protection, and other benefits without have to wait for uncertain future municipal improvements.  Verandah's CDD's are an assurance of quality for years to come.

Contact Information
Cleo Crismond - Operations Manager
Wrathell, Hunt and Associates, LLC
9220 Bonita Beach Road, Suite #214 Bonita Springs, FL 34135
(239) 498-9020
(239) 498-9038 (fax)

Verandah's land contains natural flow-ways and wetlands that will be restored and enhanced. These natural areas are home to many species of Florida wildlife and birds, and form the backbone of Verandah's water management system, along with an extensive system of inter-connected lakes. These important features are professionally managed by the Verandah's CDD's to ensure their functionality and pleasing aesthetics in perpetuity, for the benefit of those who live in Verandah.
Verandah's CDD's are independent local governments whose business must be conducted by law "in the sunshine" to provide residents with higher levels of services than a county or municipality might normally provide. A five-member Board of Supervisors, initially elected by the landowners until certain statutory conditions are met and then elected by the qualified electors within the boundary of the CDD, guides the operation of each CDD. Revenues and services are professionally managed through a contract with a professional managed through a contract with a professional management firm. The management firm provided the CDD with a District Manager and field personnel. The Districts also engage the services of a professional engineer, an attorney, and other professional as needed.