Leasing/Guest Applications & Process

Verandah Community Association, Inc. has adopted an amendment to implement a Standardized Rental/Leasing process for all neighborhoods within Verandah which an application for all leases & guests (owner not present in Verandah during stay). The neighborhood management companies have been given the forms to start implementing all new and upcoming leases for the following neighborhoods:  

Bramble Cove, Idlewild, Orangetree Bend, Cottonwood Bend, Sabal Point, Shady Bend, Lakeview, Pebblebrook, Otter Bend, Palmetto Grove

The VCA will execute and approve applications that do not have a Neighborhood Home Owners Association, which are the following neighborhoods
Amblewind Cove, Arlington Oaks, Brantley Oaks, Cedar Hammock, Cypress Marsh, Edgewater Trace, Fairway Cove, Hammock Creek, Heritage, Magnolia, Mossy Oak, Oak Bend, River Point, Royal Palm, Sanctuary Point, Shadetree Point, Torrey Pines, Whispering Oaks, Willow Bend, Willow Ridge, Woodhaven

Information Process for Tenants or Family /Friends Occupants

It is the desire of the owners in the Verandah Community Association, and (where applicable) the Neighborhood Associations, to welcome lessees and invited guests to an environment in which pride in ownership and adherence to all Rules and Regulations and Covenants ensures we continue to enjoy an ideal private and community life. This process has been designed to protect the owners of properties in Verandah, tenants leasing those properties and owners' guests who may be invited to occupy the premises, at no charge, in the absence of the owners. The purpose of this process is to provide the Verandah Community Patrol with all the information they need to ensure compliance with the rules and to protect all occupants if an emergency arises during their stay.

Both the Verandah property owners and the tenants/guests will benefit from compliance with this process:

  • Verandah homeowners will be protected from:
  • unauthorized use of their properties,
  • inappropriate entry from unknown/undesirable occupants of others' properties,
  • excessive rental/use of neighboring properties
  • Verandah tenants/invited guests will benefit from
  • Verandah Gatehouse staff's ability to communicate with them in an emergency,
  • Assurance that other occupants are following common rules.

Step 1. The property owner completes and emails the "Section One" information sheet identifying the property, guests and period of stay to the Verandah Community Patrol twenty (20) days in advance of their guest's arrival to allow for time to record the data and prepare Gatehouse personnel to receive them.

Step 2. The invited guest completes "Section Two" of the information sheet and supplies it to the Verandah Community Patrol at the Gatehouse upon initial arrival to prevent admittance delays. Guests that do not have the completed form available upon arrival will not be granted access until the form is completed. The guest will have to provide the Gatehouse with their driver's license (or if not looking to have a gate pass for their car, some form of picture ID) to complete the process.

Please email completed Guest Information Sheet to the Verandah Community Assocition 
Email:  TSnook@Evergreen-LM.com

As long as the "Application for Approval to Lease" was submitted at least twenty (20) days in advance, the Gatehouse will have had time to transcribe the information needed for their use from the Lease Application to Section Two of the Information sheet. All the renter will have to do is provide the Gatehouse with their driver's license (or if not looking to have a gate pass for their car, some form of picture ID) to complete the process. Under no circumstance will any renter be permitted access to Verandah without the Gatehouse having all of the information requested on the "Application for Approval to Lease" filled out and signed.
Please note:  This application must be submitted by the Unit Owner along with the required enclosures and a $100.00 non-refundable application fee, no less than twenty (20) days prior to occupancy to allow for processing time.  The Unit Owner agrees to pay a non-refundable expedited application fee of $200 for all applications submitted less than twenty (20) days prior to occupancy. Application must be received at least ten (10) days prior to occupancy. Please note that, per the terms of the Governing Documents specific to the Neighborhood where the Unit is being leased, your home or Unit can only be rented, depending upon the Neighborhood, a total of two or three times within a calendar year, and for a term of no less than 30 days.

For all lease extensions and lease renewals, a new lease application must be filled out, signed and submitted at least ten (10) days prior to the expiration of the lease. A new lease or an addendum to the original lease must be submitted as well. The application fee is waived for all extensions and renewals filed and approved PRIOR to the expiration of the original lease.

New tenants will not be allowed into the community until application is approved and received 10 days prior to occupancy. 

Thank you for your attention in this matter and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact the VCA office at (239) 694-6358.