Gatehouse Portal

The goal of our Gatehouse staff is to efficiently process authorized visitors through the gates, with as little delay as possible.  Please read the information below to learn ways to ensure that your guest and vendor arrival experience is as smooth as possible.
This is a quick reference guide or click for Complete Instructions.

1. Authorizing Your Visitors and Vendors 
There are three ways to manage and pre-authorize temporary access to Verandah for your visitors and vendors: 
  • Resident Gatehouse Portal – Using the Gatehouse Portal, residents can manage their visitor lists and view their account profiles. You can access this service at:    Instructions
  • Automated Attendant - The Automated Attendant is a voice authorization process that allows you to call and admit a guest by phone. The telephone number for the GateHouse® Auto Attendant is 1-888-698-1877. If the system does not recognize your phone number, you will be prompted to enter in your PIN number. Please contact 239-693-1321 or to get your PIN or add additional phone numbers to your verification list. Instructions
  • E-mail - Simply send an email to the following address to pre-authorize visitors: Be sure to place your visitor’s name in the subject line.  Any other information you may wish to include should be entered in the body of the message. Instructions  
  • Phone App - The GateHouse Resident Phone App was designed to provide all residents with the ability to manage their visitor lists and view their account profiles from the palm of their hand. Residents will need to log into the App Store (IOS) or Google Play (Android) and search GateHouse Solutions or TEM Systems to find the GateHouse® Resident Phone App. Instructions
2. Are you having an event? 
If you are having an event with more than ten guests, please do one of the following: 
  • Call the Auto Attendant line and state “Let All In” for the specified date and time of your event; OR 
  • Drop off a typed list of attendees to the gatehouse the day before your event 
3. Using a food delivery service? 
All food delivery services, such as Uber Eats, Pizza Hut, Grub Hub, Amazon Quest, and grocery delivery services such as Instacart must be authorized for gate access. After 6 p.m., all deliveries need to go through the main gate. Please be sure to specify the main gate address of 11591 Verandah Blvd., Fort Myers, FL 33905. 

4. What happens when a guest or vendor is not authorized in advance? 
Unauthorized visitors will be directed to pull around to the front of the gatehouse. 
  • The visitor will be advised to call the resident to gain access 
  • Resident will then need to call the Auto Attendant to authorize the visitor 
If the gate officer is available (that is, no other cars are waiting to be processed through the gate), they will attempt to assist the unauthorized visitor to get in contact with you. 

5. Has your phone number or email address changed? 
If your phone number or email address has changed, please let us know by sending an email with your updated information to so that we may update your information in the system.  The gate system will not automatically recognize your new information, so please be sure to notify us. 
6. Driver’s License Scanning for Guests/Contractors effective June 7, 2017

All visitors entering the gate will be required to show their driver’s license beginning June 7, 2017.  We have a new system in place that will scan their driver’s license for entry.  The Driver’s License Optical Scanner will increase the Community Patrol’s ability to quickly and efficiently process guests.  The imaging module will scan the driver’s license of the visitor/contractor and will search the data base, to see if the visitor is already in the system.  With the Optical scanner, the information from the driver’s license will be imported into the file, including the picture.  When a visitor returns, the guard can verify the visitor and their identity, without having to ask for a driver’s license.  This will help speed up the visitor lane.